Five Year Plan

My Five Year Plan - 

2011 - Create artist's packet, website,and email list. Take slides of work. Make work for senior show. Experiment. Make a dish set.

2012 - Make and complete work for Senior show - 13.04.2011. Promote senior show around town by handing out postcards and putting up flyers. Put a postcard in every st eds employee's mailbox, and around campus in each building. Graduate with a bachelors in art and a teaching certificate. Get land and a temporary home and studio space. Plant a vegetable garden. Look for teaching job. Continue creative research and practice.

2013 -  Continue to develop body of work to use to apply for graduate school. Start visiting graduate schools to see which ones are possibilities. Look for places to display work and for group shows and exhibitions. Maybe set up an art show. If I have enough work, I would like to apply to clay fest! Collect materials to build earth bag home, and begin to build. Tend vegetable garden, get chickens and goats. I will also be searching for a teaching job if I do not already have one, while working as a private art instructor and tutor.

2014 - Continue to make artwork. participate in clay fest. Look for shows and exhibitions. Have a well established vegetable garden, hens producing eggs, and goats producing milk. If home is not finished being built, then finish building home. Caleb and I may try to have a baby as well, and if we do then I may go to online graduate school. I would like to have a permanent studio space built by this time as well.I may be teaching during this time as well, if I have a job then maybe Caleb and I will have our wedding because I will have insurance. Otherwise, we will wait until we're booted off our parents'!

2015 - Look for solo art shows. Attend graduate school. If we have a baby, it will probably be an online one.

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