Artist Statement

Interested in traditionally feminine artifacts such as doilies and lace, my current creative research includes both drawings and clay forms. Using hand-woven and crocheted textiles, I am creating work that investigates line and the properties of light. These works also represent delicacy, femininity, and intimacy.

I have been utilizing light and lace in my clay works. I crochet the lace, and then through slip casting, create three-dimensional clay forms. In both the drawings and the clay objects, texture is very important to me, creating a balance through rhythm and harmony.

Being a tomboy for the majority of my life, I am looking to portray my own inner peace and acceptance with my femininity through all of the aspects of my work.   Having grown up feeling a disconnection towards my womanhood I was eventually drawn to these objects as I feel they represent both the tough and tender aspects of my personality.

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