Creative Ways to Exist as Artists

After reading this section, I feel that I can relate to each artist in some way. For Reverend Howard Finster, I can relate to how after he finishes a painting, he paints other things that are in sight, which often ends up being a can or a rag. I like how he is extending his work onto his tools, that is really charming and gives these objects that have a functional use an aesthetic appeal, connecting the process to the product.  I found the Guerrilla Girls to be motivational as they point out discrimination. I like the social context of their pieces. Clark Whittington's Art*O*Mat seems like a bunch of fun! I love that he is up-cycling cigarette machines to dispense art! I went to the website, and found that at the Mercury Design Studio http://www.mercurydesignstudio.com/index.html they have one, and after looking at their website, I must go there! J.S.G. Boggs work is fantastic - I love that he goes and pays and that it actually works out! I wish he would come into my work - I'd love to make that trade! The Taxicab Gallery probably wouldn't be an ideal location for my work, but I do think it is interesting and I'd much rather take that cap than something else! I have seen Keith Haring's work, and I can relate to how he feels he cannot stop...making art is such a rewarding experience! I really like that he would schedule time to create murals with children wherever he was making work. As for Christo and Jeanne-Claude, I love the ephemeral aspect of their work, and I can imagine it would be nearly overwhelming to be in the presence of one of these pieces!

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