Kjell Rylander

‘untitled’, 2007 (photo janne höglund)

‘circle’, 2000 (photo annci gustafsson)
‘untitled’, 2001 photo (janne höglund)
 ‘resistance’, 2001
 Akershus Kunstnercenter 2003
 Kjell Rylander, born in1964, also distorts the function of traditional ceramic work. I find this so captivating! He is a Swedish artist dividing his time between Bergin, Norway and Stockholm. To make these pieces, he uses broken plates, second hand dishes or casts with slip the work from scratch. His education includes Research Fellow at Bergen National Academy of the Arts Dept of Ceramic Art and is connected to the project: Creating Artistic Value/Norwegian Research Council 2009-Konstfack, Stockholm, Sweden. mfa 1996-2001, Capellagarden, Oland, Sweden 1994-96. This artist also uses circles repeatedly in his work. I love the shadow that is created by the 'untitled' piece. The dangerous projection of thin ceramic is just so gorgeous and delicate - I wonder how he fired these to avoid them slumping.


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