Mary Rogers

Porcelain. Bowl with narrow foot, deep squashed bowl with 'deckled' edge. Rows of pierced holes beneath rim (27). Matt apricot and cream glaze

 Porcelain. Flattened oval shape yellow/buff body. Decorated with pattern of grey/brown ovals under a white crackle glaze wich turns blue/green on ovals

 Unique porcelain pinch built footed bowl with folded/frilled body and hand painted glaze decoration to interior, c. 1990.
Incised "MER"
Height 4 1/4" (10.5cm) Width 5" (12.5cm)

 Interior view.

I wish this blog could make the noise these make me feel, but it cannot. Mary Rogers ceramic forms represent organic form and freedom. These works are absolutely gorgeous and delicate. I love the deckles edge and the holes in the first piece, the crackle glaze interacting with all that is beneath the surface, and the octopus looking innards of the third bowl. Her playfulness with symmetry is both engaging and appropriate for these porcelain forms.

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